Within the COPE project a network of resilience training centres was created, with the common goal of making the adult people in the EU aware of the need to learn to be resilient and helping them become more resilient and healthy.

Project partners contacted organisations in our regions with the aim to multiply our results and follow the common goal to promote resilience amongst our network partners.

If you want to learn how to be more resilient, and which other organisations are working on this topic contact a network partner in your country.

We are also open to new network partners. If you want to provide resilience trainings, contact office@happinessacademy.eu to become part of the network. Your organization could be also published here on this site.

COPE: Bulgaria office@happinessacademy.eu

COPE Spain: info@cis-es.org

COPE Iceland: einurd@einurd.is

Want to find out more about the COPE project and how we are building a COPE network? Check out our project video and find out more.

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