Nowadays, depression and anxiety are steadily on the rise in Europe, to the extent that Politico calls depression “Europe’s biggest challenge”. The hardships of the COVID pandemic were quickly replaced by the threats of war, economic depression and climate change, creating unstable environment and even more prerequisites to exacerbate the problem. Coping with these challenges requires from adult people to acquire new skills, namely to learn how to become more resilient. This new need poses the challenge to adult learning institutions and employers to provide resilience training to adult people. By training people how to be more resilient we can actively work for prevention of depression and anxiety disorders, which once developed require much more effort and investment to deal with.

Within Cope project we have developed an Empowerment Kit for training centres, helping them start to provide resilience training. The Kit contains information about:

  • what resilience is and why it is important;
  • guidance information for the learning centres;
  • how to develop own online and offline resilience trainings;
  • networking and how & where to look for support in developing and delivering resilience training

If you are interested to develop and provide your own resilience training you can access the Empower Resilience Kit here:

For additional information, best practice sharing and support you can contact us at:

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