About the project

The COPE project addresses inclusion and diversity in all fields, as developing resilience is a prevention of stress and mental and physical health-related problems, which can lead to the disability to fully participate in social and economic life. The project reaches out to people who face obstacles in taking part in trainings which would support and help them, due to socio-economic difficulties, disabilities or due to living in remote areas. Thus, the project aims to support adults, adult educators and adult education staff. 

Our goals

Teach resilience

A training guide on the basics of teaching resilience and adaptability to adults. It aims to improve personal, social and learning competences of adults.

Practice resilience

Practical Toolkit of activities for adults which can be applied online and face-to-face by the adult trainers and learners.

Empower resilience

Empowerment Kit for local learning centres on promoting and incorporating resilience training, and building a network of resilience training centres.