Know your strengths

Through modern research conducted by the VIA Institute for Character Research, it has been discovered that there are 24 core strengths of human character that are common for all people. These strengths present the positive parts of our personality, qualities such as kindness, curiosity and perseverance that define who we are and are perceived as valuable by other people and society at large. Interestingly, there are over 600 sextillion possible combinations (i.e. the number 6 followed by 23 zeros!) of the 24 strengths, so profiles can be extremely rarely exactly the same. Although the 24-character strengths are ubiquitous, the way people manifest their qualities is unique. The individual combination of strengths in each person predetermines our unique human nature.

Do you know which your character strengths are? Do our daily task to find or re-confirm your unique positive traits combination.

Daily task

Do the VIA Character test save your results. After that find a character strength in a friend and compliment them. Motivate your friend to make the VIA Character test too and learn about their strengths.