Responsible Decision Making (1)

Clever choices

When you buy new clothes do you consider your fashion environment impact?

In fact, how often we buy new clothes and throw away our old ones has a great impact on planet resources.

Do you know that fashion accounts for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide output—more than international flights and shipping combined, according to the United Nations Environment Programme.

The clothing production of some of the top world brands in China, India and Bangladesh have destroyed prosperous rivers with its factory wastewater discharges. These rivers have now become biological dead zones full of carcinogenic chemicals. Additionally, the tiny plastic microfibers that fall from synthetic clothing during the laundry process are flooding our water supply and food chain.

If we want to act responsibly in that regard we should try to buy as little as possible and choose better quality clothes from sustainable brands.

Daily Task

Think twice before you decide to buy new clothes and “throw out” your old / unused clothes. And if you decide to throw out old ones, make sure that you leave them in the special recycle bins for textile products.