Responsible Decision Making (2)

Your Transport Optimization

According to European Environment Agency data, in 2017, 27 % of total EU-28 greenhouse gas emissions came from the transport sector.

Among these the highest contributor is the road transport sector with 71,7%, followed by aviation and maritime transport.

Road transport has the highest impact because it is by far the widest used mode of transport.

Based on the data in today’s task we provide some ideas for optimising your transport.

Daily Task

Check the ideas for optimising your transport and pick at least one that you will start using regularly:

  • Whenever possible, leave the car at home and take public transport.
  • Use shared public transport (especially electric trains, trams and buses).
  • They are far more energy-efficient than individual car-driving.
  • Try to share trips, use the car with 2 or more people.
  • Riding a bike is a great option if the place where you live is bike friendly.