Contingency planning

In business or government management – there is a term used – contingency planning. It presents a deliberate planning of strategies that can be forced when the organisation faces roadblocks / challenges on the executions of its planned activities.

You might think that it is not worth planning how you can respond to risks you can imagine, because it never happens what we can think of, but some other things that we cannot think of.

But the reality is that when we have some contingency measures at hand, whatever happens, we have a backup plan. And it is much better to choose from ready-to-use activities than to figure out what to do when you are under stress.

Let’s move to the daily task and make a contingency plan.

Daily task

Based on the emotional hijack situation that you have described in the previous task; think of 3 action-related strategies you will use in the next month to better manage stress and avoid emotional hijacks? Plan in detail on exactly how you plan to implement each strategy with specific activities.