Common Humanity

Common humanity involves the recognition that all humans are the same in their basic needs and desire to avoid suffering. It also involves recognizing that failures are a part of life and that everyone experiences them. In addition, common humanity involves recognizing that everyone experiences hardships and failures. This recognition can help you be less insecure by affirming that you are not alone or separated from others. It can feel more connected with others.

On the other hand, feelings of safety, security, trust and belonging shape the foundation of healthy relationships.

Scientists have found that relationships in which hugging and touching are present tend to be stronger and longer lasting.

Getting a good squeeze before going into a stressful situation can help you relax and calm down a bit. The reason for this is that when we hug or kiss a loved one, our oxytocin levels go up. This powerful hormone is often called “the bonding hormone”, because it promotes attachment in relationships, including between mothers and their new born babies.

Hugs are a universal expression of our common humanity. Hugging makes us happier, healthier and improves our relationships!

Daily task

Express your love and support by hugging someone today.

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