The COPE project addresses inclusion and diversity in developing resilience training for the prevention of stress and mental and physical health-related problems. By focusing on online training resources, the project reaches out to people who face obstacles in taking part in trainings removing the threshold of training fees and for people living in remote areas. Project results focus both on self-learning as well as creating a toolbox and training guide/methodology that adult trainers can use to implement resilience courses.

The first project result developed is now ready: the TEACH RESILIENCE training guide for adult trainers in English, Spanish, Bulgarian and Icelandic.  The training guide demonstrates both competence descriptors (Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes) and methodologies for resilience training and empowerment of adults.

Pilot training of trainers took place in partner countries in September to October 2022 resulting in some adaption of the training guidelines like more detailed methodological guidelines and links and connecting the training guide with the Practice Resilience toolkit that can be applied both online (for self-learning) and face-to-face by trainers.  Partners are now working on the finalization of the Practice ResiliencE guidelines that will be followed up with pilot training.

The final project result is the EMPOWER RESILIENCE kit and network of local resilience learning centres. If you want to be part of the COPE network, or if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the TEACH RESILIENCE training guide or other project results, please contact project partners;

  • Happiness Academy – COPE coordinator in Bulgaria on the PRACTICE RESILIENCE and overall objectives of the project
  • Einurd – Partner in Iceland on the TEACH RESILIENCE training guide.
  • Consultoría De Innovación Social – Partner in Spain on the upcoming network and kit for resilience training centres.

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