Best Possible Future

Mindfulness, being present in the moment, is key for our resilience, for the ability to take the right decisions and to act appropriately. But we humans also have the tendency to dream, to make plans for the future, which also plays a key role in our life satisfaction and well-being.

Thinking positively about our future and making a plan for our future achievements and successes, can help us to:

–         strengthen our motivation for action

–         improve our psychological state

–         be better and more generous with others

–         overcome difficulties more easily

–         make better decisions about our future.

Laura King, a Professor of Psychology at Southern Methodist University, has created an exercise called “Best Possible Self”. It involves visualising a “best possible future” for yourself in one or more of the following domains of your life: 1) personal, 2) relational, or 3) professional. In this exercise, you should first visualise, and then write about, all three domains. Specifically, you should imagine that in the next 10 years, your life has gone as well as it possibly could have. Then, you should write about how this life would look.

In the next daily task, we offer a Worksheet with a version of this exercise.

Daily Task

Download the Best Possible Life Worksheet and follow the instructions.