Stronger for life is a project and a website for parents to empower their children and develop a health self-esteem and resilience. The psychiatric office Höfðabakka is coordinating the project in cooperation with other psychiatric offices, parent associations, Centre for Mindfulness and others.

The website provides open educational resources for different age levels in critical thinking, mindfulness and self-reliance. It builds upon methods of positive psychology and body image providing both information and contend and practical exercises.

The target group are parents that want to actively engage with and empower their children as well as being a positive role model for them.  On the topic of resilience, the focus is on preparing children in facing challenges and being responsible, being open to try new things and take responsibility for their choices, tasks and mistakes.  Parents are encouraged to emphasise with their children and teach them that not everyone or everything needs to be 100% and that everyone can make a mistake and be wrong, and the important thing is to be able to apologise both as a child and adult.

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