According to prof. Keren Reivich from the University of Pennsylvania, the main groups of factors that determine and strengthen our resilience, are:

  • Biology: the evolution of the human species and our genetic predisposition;
  • Self-knowledge: exactly what our level of self-awareness is;
  • Self-regulation: how successfully we manage our feelings and actions;
  • Mental flexibility: our ability to look at a situation from different perspectives;
  • Optimism: our ability to believe that everything will end well for us;
  • Mastery or personal effectiveness: our ability to start from the position of “I can do it”;
  • Belonging: having at least one person with whom we have built a lasting relationship and knowing we can always count on them;
  • Faith in institutions: confidence in the support of family, government, the organization we work for, etc.

Some of these do not depend on us, but others we can develop, in a direction that will lead to greater resilience.

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