We have been writing and talking about individual resilience a lot. But we should not forget […]
Within the COPE project a network of resilience training centres was created, with the common goal […]
Nowadays, depression and anxiety are steadily on the rise in Europe, to the extent that Politico […]
To help you cope better in times of adversity, we havecreated this program which contains 5 […]
Test your resilience levels here: https://testyourself.psychtests.com/testid/2121 Connect: Building strong and positive relationships with loved ones and […]
Resilience is a concept closely related to successful ageing. It indicates that people have managed to […]
On the COPE project website you can now find guides for trainers (Teach resilience) as well […]
Last week the HEIMA app became available on App Store and Google Play. Heima app is […]
We often tend to think that happiness is nice to have but not at all necessary […]
Resilience is closely related to positive psychology. Building resilience comes from building the positive/beneficial factors that […]